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Meet Taryn

With almost 20 years experience and advanced qualifications in dog behaviour and training, I believe that a dog's emotional wellbeing and the bond between dog and owner are the most important things to consider when training basic skills or addressing serious behaviour problems. For this reason, I adhere to gentle, science-based, positive reinforcement training methods in all training classes and when working with owners to address problems at home. Training should not be something we do to dogs, but something we do with them, in a fun and stress-free environment.

Training and behaviour tips


Choosing the right dog for your home, finding a professional and humane trainer, providing mental stimulation for your dog, tips for healthy sociaisation and how to avoid common mistakes that dog owners make. Read about these things and more.....

Puppy Socialisation Classes, training for adolescent and adult dogs and behaviour consultations


Kommetjie Canine College offers training from puppy socialisation to Canine Good Citizen, advanced obedience and trick training. Behaviour problems are addressed one-on-one in consultations and private lessons. 

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