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On-line Training Classes

With so many of us stuck indoors and unable to access trainers or training classes, on-line classes can provide the perfect solution to keep you and your dog working and having fun together at home. Classes for all experience levels are available.


Consultations are longer home visits aimed at resolving specific behaviour problems, by going into your dog's daily life, routines and history in full detail. A behaviour modification plan for managing and resolving your dog's specific problems will be developed to cater for you and your dog's specific needs and circumstances. 

Puppy Socialisation Classes

Classes for puppies between 10 and 20 weeks of age, focusing on socialisation, basic manners training and confidence building.

Intermediate and Canine Good Citizen Training Classes

Classes for dogs over 5 months of age, specifically aimed at helping owners navigate the difficult adolesctent period in a dog's life. Exercises are focused on developing problem-solving skills and emotional restraint in teenage dogs, while continuing to build a dog-owner relationship based on trust. Preparation for Canine Good Citizen Bronze is included.

Advanced obedience and Trick Training

These classes are focused on making training interesting for owners and increasing mental stimulation for adult dogs, by introducing many fun tricks and more complex exercises that challenge dogs and owners focus and problem solving skills! Preparation for Silver and Gold Canine Good Citizen is included. 

Private Training Lessons

All dogs older than 5 months are required to do at least 1 private or introductory training lesson before joining group classes. Private lessons also cater for dogs that are not comfortable socially in a class environment and for owners who would prefer home training.

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