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Advanced Classes 

Advanced classes are for those who would like to continue with training beyond a basic level and teach more complex and varied exercises. We cover everything from more formal competition-style obedience to a huge variety of trick training, including Rally Freestyle Elements, and many exciting and fun training games and concepts.  We will also be preparing the dogs for the KUSA Trick Dog Titles, which give dogs and owners something to work towards and enables you to gain recognition for the high standard of training you have achieved – however, entering is not mandatory, so don’t feel pressured!


Some of the exercises taught in this class are:

1.   Hold and Retrieve

2.   Distance control

3.   Out of sight stays

4.   Off-leash heel work

5.   Advanced positions

6.   Send-away to mat or target

7.   Search

8.   Scent work

9.   Recall to heel, side, middle and front

10. Endless tricks:  rest, chin target, pivot, heeling in reverse, heel on left and right side, a variety of leg weaves, middle, spin, circle owner, switch backs, U-turns, wiggle, crawl, take off sock, steal handkerchief, go round cone, hold pole, back paw targeting, left and right paw, soccer etc. – pretty much every trick ever thought of!


The fun never stops in this class and we constantly add new exercises to keep everyone learning and growing. As a result, many of our advanced class dogs stay with us for 5-10 years! This is the really enjoyable phase of training, where the teenage gremlins have grown up and class is simply about spending quality time with your dog. Our advanced dogs and owners always tell us that they LOVE school! The advanced class is also a wonderful place to meet other committed “dog-nuts” and has a relaxed, sociable atmosphere.

Class fees are R650 per month.

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