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How to be the Best Trainer for Your Dog

This course consists of detailed notes and instructional videos. I spend a little more time explaining the theory behind the exercises than in a normal training class, as this is really about teaching YOU to be the best trainer and you need to understand why and how the exercises work, in order to do that! You will have access to a closed Facebook group for you to share questions, videos & ideas. The more you share, the more you will all get out of the course, so please don’t be shy!

The course content is as follows:

How to be a better trainer and build enthusiasm for working in your dog

  • Focus games

  • Recall games

  • Building motivation

  • Stimulus control

  • Training with toys

  • Understanding reinforcement

  • Making the most of reinforcement

  • How to handle mistakes

  • Setting your dog up for success

  • Monitoring emotions

Cost: R500

Length: 4 lessons, sent out at weekly intervals

Format: PDF notes with video links

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