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On-Line Training Classes

Many of us are stuck indoors at the moment and unable to access trainers or training classes. On-line classes offer an opportunity to continue to work and have fun with our dogs at home. They are also a great way to keep us and our dogs active and mentally stimulated. 

We are offering classes for dogs of all ages and training levels: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced.

Beginner level is suitable for puppies and dogs of any age with little or no prior training. Intermediate is more suitable for dogs and owners who have already achieved some of the basics, while Advanced is suitable for those with a fair amount of training experience. The curriculum is similar to our normal group classes, adjusted to suit the home environment. If you would like to read more about the exercises covered in each level, please see the list of services for Puppy (beginner), Intermediate and Advanced classes. While the classes are based on clicker training, you will be given assistance with how to use a verbal marker instead, if you do not have a clicker. 

Courses currently consist of 4 lessons, sent out at weekly intervals, via email. Further courses or lessons may be added at a later stage, if there is sufficient interest. 

Each week's lesson consists of the following

  1. A PDF document with step by step instructions for each exercise and with embedded video links of demonstrations, which can just be clicked as you go through the notes

  2. An enrichment idea to keep the boredom at bay

  3. The option to join a private Facebook group for your particular class, which will allow you to share questions and upload videos to interact with others in the class and get feedback and assistance from me

Total cost per 4 week course: R500

This offer is open to anyone around the world. Payment can be made via PayPal & Xoom if you are not in South Africa.

Please email to enrol 😊

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