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Mentorships/Work Shadowing for Students:


We have numerous requests for students to attend classes to gain experience and fulfil their requirements for practical hours for various animal behaviour and training courses. While we are more than willing to share our knowledge and experience, we are not able to offer this as a free service. There is a nominal cost involved and all students are required to adhere to a strict code of conduct and abide by certain terms and conditions, including the following:


  • All mentorship/work shadowing students must be enrolled in a recognised animal behaviour or training course.

  • All students take full responsibility for their own safety and will not hold any of the trainers or Kommetjie Canine College responsible for any injury to themselves or for any loss or damage to their property which may arise while attending this course.

  • Students are accountable for their own behaviour in class. If any action by a student leads to any claim by a class member, the student and not Kommetjie Canine College will be held liable.

  • The fee for attending classes for the purpose of work shadowing or mentorship is R1000 per month, regardless of how many classes the student chooses to attend in a given month. Only regular attendance will benefit students, so commitment is expected.  

  • Students are required to arrive at least 15 minutes before classes commence and to assist with setting out of equipment, as well as packing up after class.

  • Attendance includes an agreement to restriction of trade – specifically, that no student will open a puppy or dog training school within the far south peninsula, areas including, but not limited to Kommetjie, Noordhoek, Scarborough, Simonstown, Sun Valley, Fish Hoek, Clovelly, Capri, Sunnydale, San Michelle and Glencairn within 2 years of completing work shadowing at Kommetjie Canine College. This does not include any other services such as private lessons, consultations, dog walking etc.

  • No student may use or reproduce any written or recorded materials of Kommetjie Canine College.

  • At no time may any participant engage with any client of Kommetjie Canine College during classes in order to offer advice on training or behaviour.

  • No student may solicit work from any client of Kommetjie Canine College in any capacity whatsoever, unless with permission of Kommetjie Canine College.

  • No photos or videos may be taken of our clients or their dogs.


What can students expect from us:


  • Access to observe all classes at Kommetjie Canine College: puppy, intermediate (adolescent) and advanced classes. Classes take place on Saturday mornings and Monday afternoons. Students may attend either day or both days every week. Access to private lessons and consultations by arrangement.

  • Opportunity to take notes during class and to ask questions and discuss issues after class with the training instructors.

  • Opportunity to observe a huge variety of training exercises, games and tricks collated from many years experience and the latest training innovations. 

  • Opportunity to observe how clicker training works in a class environment.

  • Opportunity to observe and gain practical experience with dogs of all ages and breeds. 

  • Opportunity to witness the application of truly force-free, science-based training methods with dogs and owners from a wide variety of backgrounds.

  • Opportunity to learn about various dog sport disciplines, including Obedience, Trick training and Rally Free.

  • Opportunity to learn about the Canine Good Citizen Test (Bronze, Silver and Gold). 

  • Opportunity to seek guidance on any animals that a student may be working with in their own time.

  • Opportunity to ask questions and discuss any theory concepts that students may need more insight into.

  • Students may contact Taryn Blyth outside of class hours for assistance with points 3 and 4 if there is not sufficient time to address these issues directly after class.

  • Opportunity to work with dogs and owners under the guidance of an instructor, once sufficient knowledge has been gained through observation.


With over 20 years experience running successful training classes, we believe that we have a lot to offer students who are serious about entering the profession and passionate about understanding force-free, science-based training on a practical level. 

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