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Understanding Your Dog’s Emotions

We used to be told not to project human emotions onto dogs and still many people view an animal's mind as a "black box", about which nothing can be known. However, advances in the science of emotions and how the brain works have revealed that animals have rich emotional lives. In fact, emotions are a driving force behind the behaviour of all sentient creatures: we act in a way that results in things that make us feel good and we avoid acting in a way that results in things that make us feel bad. Understanding Your Dog's Emotions is a theory course in which I will be explaining what we know about emotions in dogs and giving you some videos to watch which will help explain the theory and bring it to life. 


If we don’t know how to identify emotions and address them, we can go horribly wrong in training and working with our dogs. This is something I am really passionate about and I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you. Participants in the course will have the option of joining a closed Facebook Group, so that you can ask questions and I can post any relevant articles or extra resources on the topic.

The course will cover the following:

Understanding the importance of emotions in living, training and working with your dog

The 7 emotional systems, according to Panksepp:


  • PLAY

  • CARE

  • RAGE

  • FEAR

  • LUST



Understanding Emotions and

  • learning

  • Training

  • Behaviour modification

  • Meeting your dog's needs


Identifying emotions in your dog

Cost: R500 

Length: 4 lessons, sent out at weekly intervals

Format: PDF notes with video links

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