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Planning leads to success!

We often get urgent calls from people who have brought home a new puppy only to find that their existing dog is intolerant of the puppy or shows quite serious aggression towards the puppy. We really do advise planning ahead and seeking advice in advance - if you have a dog that is not well-socialised or has any behaviour issues, please book a consultation BEFORE you go out and get a puppy! In the video below is an example of clients who planned ahead: their older dog was adopted from welfare and was "iffy" with other dogs. He also had some resource guarding issues. After a consultation we agreed that we felt we could carefully introduce a new puppy, after some training, after choosing the right puppy and with careful management and gradual initial intros. So, dear sweet Bob was muzzle trained and we worked on his resource guarding issues. Baby gates were set up in the home so that the dogs could be kept safely apart at first if necessary. All went really well - Bob was introduced to his baby sister Gracie while muzzled and then they had some time indoors with the gate closed so they could get used to each other's presence. It was a gradual process, but it went really well and much faster than expected. Within a week they were playing like best friends. The video below shows you the first day with the baby gate and then a week later. Planning leads to success!


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