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How Puppies should be!

We often talk about how important it is that puppies are introduced to new things (people, dogs, places and experiences) during the socialization period. But what is often forgotten is that the first 4 weeks of that period are spent with the breeder, so socialization needs to start with the breeder. This is a video of 3 Rottweiler puppies on their first visit to a training/breed club held at a public facility. While this particular experience might be new for them, the breeder in this case has been working on their socialization since they were 4 weeks old - the result is happy outgoing puppies eager to meet new people and dogs. Of course, good genetics also helps (choosing confident happy parents to breed with), but this is how puppies of this age should behave: eager to interact, with a high level of social attraction. As you can see, I was mobbed by happy puppies who had never met me before and they were also happy to meet Cruz and an adolescent dog who was also visiting. This is what you want to see when choosing a puppy!


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