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The start of the Socialisation Period - In Video

One of my older articles explains in detail the experience of raising Cruz as a singleton puppy:

In it I described watching him starting to play with his mother for the very first time.

The developmental periods in puppies are not something you can really imagine until you see them. It is incredible to watch a "suckling grub" that does nothing but eat, sleep and poop, suddenly start engaging socially. The first tail wag is like a miracle. To suddenly see recognition of others and a desire to engage is just beautiful to watch. It is no wonder that socialisation period we go on so much about is so important - everything at that time is geared to create a social being who knows how to interact with others in his world. I thought I would share this video of Cruz playing with his mum for the first time. It is a moment I'll never forget. 😊


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