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The Power of Positive Reinforcement

This video captures something which truly makes us very happy: happy dogs, with happy owners all working happily on an exercise in class.

So often we hear things like: you can't train all dogs with positive reinforcement - some dogs/breeds need a firm hand etc.... but really, what nonsense. Here we have 11 dogs from one of our classes yesterday, all different breeds (from malinois, to bull dog) all working happily and peacefully off-lead right next to each other while practising their "distance control" on the balcony. Some of these dogs have trained with us since puppyhood, some joined as adults, some are rescues and others are registered pedigrees. They have ALL achieved wonderful things from a training point of view through clicker training and positive reinforcement and with their owners' commitment to these training methods and to having healthy relationships with their dogs.

What makes me SO happy is how relaxed all the dogs and owners are and how happily each dog and owner team works together. The owners are smiling, the dogs are engaged and everyone is having a good time. I do love the sound of many clickers in the morning!

We even got to celebrate Hugo the bulldog's birthday at the end of class, with everyone getting some of his special cake. No one was in a hurry to go home. This is the high point of what we do - this is what makes it all so worthwhile and so reinforcing for us as trainers! 😊

As an added bonus, enjoy Hugo's sliding into the down frog legs, which are just too cute!🐸


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