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  • Taryn

There is no need to deny your dog Love!

Just a quick reminder that nothing has ever been achieved by denying a dog affection or reassurance. There are still sadly many misinformed trainers and so-called experts advising owners to be less affectionate and more "firm" with their dogs or to ignore their dogs when they are frightened and seeking reassurance. Let's be clear that there is NO EVIDENCE to support this idea - ignoring and being cold with your dog will NEVER make them more secure or more confident or help them overcome their fears. Denying affection, attention and reassurance is only likely to lead to insecurity, anxiety or depression. Anxious dogs need constructive help to overcome their fears - they don't need to be ignored!

Remember that fear is an emotion and cannot be reinforced. We also know that there is NO LINK between owners being loving and affectionate with their dogs and separation related distress - studies have even shown that stroking and talking to your dog before leaving them alone makes them less NOT more stressed!

The only reason to ever not give affection is if your dog does not enjoy the particular type of affection - some dogs don't like hugs and kisses and that's fine. But whatever affection they do enjoy, you will do absolutely no harm giving.


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